“Just Because The SHTF Doesn’t Mean Your Emergency Food Should Taste Like
It Also Hit The Fan…”
Plus, discover how some “Prepper” foods are so bad for you they’d even make a Billy Goat keel over…
Do you dread the day that you might have to live on emergency food? Even if you canned the food yourself?

Let’s face it… If you buy most emergency foods you know they aren’t quite known for their taste. And if you’ve canned your own you still need to have a few skills up your sleeve to make them taste like a hearty home cooked meal.

Not only that, did you know that many popular emergency foods contain so much garbage that they will literally make you sick? We’re talking about constipation for days, nights spent retching over a trash can, until suddenly it happens…

"Don’t take my word for it, here’s a small taste
 of what happened to Mike…"
“I have never in my life had a simultaneous evacuation. It felt like I was being pulled inside-out from both ends. This continued on and off for about twenty minutes or so. When I was finally able to clean up a bit, flush a few times, and open the window without worry of having to sit down again or hold a can to my face, I stood. I just about passed out and fell over -- I was so drained from the experience that I had to use my hands on the wall to walk myself to the kitchen.” (Source- http://bit.ly/2iGkf84)

Listen, when the SHTF the last thing you need is to feel like this. You need your energy for more important things like keeping you and your loved ones alive.

"Now do you see why lip smacking delicious and nutritious food is a vital part of your survival plan?"
Look, it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about looters in a riot situation…

Or if you’re in a natural disaster that confines you to your home…

Or if you’re on the road and get stranded due to unforeseen circumstances…

Or even if you’re just taking a back country camping trip…

Your food will be the determining factor if you survive and thrive or if you make yourself sick beyond repair.

Enter the survival food X-Factor…

It’s no secret that during an emergency no matter if it’s a couple days or a couple of years, you want food that tastes like a stick to your ribs home cooked meal.

And of course you want your food to provide all the nutrition you need to stay strong and alert for your family.

So what is the X-Factor you ask?

That’s what this page is all about…

The ultimate short cut to eating like a king and nourishing yourself
like an athlete…
You see, if you really want to have your cake and eat it too, then this is definitely what you’ve been missing.

Because what you’re about to discover takes your canning food guide and takes it to a whole new level in flavor town!

Trust me, I should know because before learning these secrets I used to dread rotating and sampling my food stock. Half the time I would just take a bite or two and toss the rest out.

Yes, I felt bad for doing that, however I just didn’t want to eat that slop unless I absolutely had to.
So I set out on a new mission. A mission to find ways to make my favorite dishes using emergency food quickly and easily…

And the big acid test would be not only these meals tasted, yet also how they made me feel on the inside. (In other words if I spent all night in the bathroom)

Finally, after years of trial and error, I was able to find the secret…

The same secret I’ve shared with tens of thousands of customers…

And the same secret I’m about to share with you today!

"Here’s the kicker…"
After being my own kitchen guinea pig for years… After making my family sample some of my massive cooking flops… And after listening to my clients to see what they really wanted…

I was able to crack the code and condense everything into this incredible new downloadable book.

Inside this must have guide you’ll discover…
  • How much food you should have stored per person based on caloric
    needs PLUS any adjustments you should make due to your climate
  • Getting the maximum shelf life from your food and when to rotate your
    stock so you never have to waste an ounce of life giving nutrition
  • Universal staples that you can use for multiple meals that are a must have
    for any survival stockpile
  • The best foods to keep on hand for portability and long lasting energy
  • You’ll even discover food items to keep on hand you can use for
    barter and trade
    because when the SHTF your paper dollars will be
    good for nothing more than toilet paper
Plus, you’ll have access to mouth-watering recipes that are a cinch to make, provide crucial energy, and comfort your soul…
  • Hearty breakfasts that would make Paul Bunyan want to trade you
    his log cabin for a bite
  • Quick and easy lunches and snacks you can eat on the go and keep
    in your BOB
  • Stick to your ribs stews and savory pot roasts you can set and forget
    that’ll be ready for you just in time for dinner
  • Comfort foods we all grew up on that’ll make you feel like you’re on a
    grand vacation and not in a survival situation
  • Tempting treats and deserts to satisfy your sweet tooth and especially
    good to keep any children you have calm during an emergency 
  • And finally sauces and condiments you can use on all kinds of quick dishes
    so you always have a nice variety at your fingertips 
And it doesn’t end there…
  • You’ll also get our list of basic cooking utensils and portable cookware
    no survivalist should ever be without
  • How to cook your meals without attracting looters or rioters because of
    smoke or open flames that give away your position  
  • VERY IMPORTANT- Four little known ways to purify water naturally even
    if you forgot to grab a filter or carry tablets… plus how much water you should
    plan on having per day per person depending on your climate 
  • You’ll even discover how to make your own liquor that you can
    keep for yourself and especially to use as a barter item 
And so much more!
When you grab The Survivalists Food Prep Bible today, you’ll also get free access to a special bonus video presentation I made for you.

In it we cover the do’s and don’ts of survival food prep, emergency preparedness, and even my personal tips to making an extended emergency situation seem like a trip to a 5 star hotel!

Plus, I’ll even show you some simple ways to stash your food just in case some sorry idiot gets a hair brained idea about trying to steal your food stock.

"Don’t Even Bother Trying To Survive When
The SHTF Until You
Read This Guide."
Have you ever heard the expression: “Pioneers get scalped but settlers prosper?”

The same applies here!

You see, I’ve already been scalped dozens of times trying to discover the secrets for myself. The journey was not fun, however the rewards made it all worth it.

And because I’ve already done the hard work for you and made all the mistakes… All you have to do is get your copy right now and follow the simple steps without all the bad tasting experiments I had to go through!

In the past, this plan was only for myself and for my private clients. However for a limited time I’m making a select few available to the public.

So now you don’t have to go at it alone by trial and error!

Normally a plan like this would sell for between $47.00 and $97.00, but for a limited time I’ll practically let you steal it from me for just $7

Yep… $7 whole dollars and you get instant access.

Literally, you can have a fancy coffee at Starbucks or you can:
  • Finally look forward to rotating and sampling your food stock because of all
    the delicious food and your new found skills…
  • Say goodbye to trial and error trying to figure this all out on your own saving
    you a whole lot of time and money…
  • Take some food camping with friends and they’ll be begging you in no time to
    share your secrets or at least be the head camp chef…  
  • Satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds especially if you have kids because it
    keeps them calm during a crisis… 
  • Create barter items that will make you the go to guy in any emergency
    since paper money will only be good for toilet paper in a SHTF situation… 
  • And just plain have the confidence knowing you can not only survive but actually
    thrive no matter what the world throws at you! 
The choice is yours…
Click the "Add To Cart" button below and start eating like a
king whenever the situation calls for it... for only $7

60 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Good eating,
J.R. Fisher

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